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A couple of players (in different parts of the country) have noticed since last night the game is slow to load up, very slow to log you in and the game is generally 'stuttery'. (I've done a speedtest and I'm getting my usual up and down speeds).
Anyone else experiencing similar issues since yesterday?
Was it just last night? Or did it start happening after the update during the week?
I have experienced the same since update, could be a coincidence and sky is just being shit and my laptop is a piece of poo. Before update there was def server wide lag spots, 9/9 in a grp would all get a 2 sec lag spike about once every hour
Was it just last night? Or did it start happening after the update during the week?

It started sometime yesterday, possibly afternoon, possibly evening. I'm not sure if it's the game as every website I visit has a 'resolving host' message in the bottom left of the window for 5-10 seconds. Setting different manual DNS configs using different servers such as Google, OpenDNS etc hasn't helped so it could well be something out of your control. The game is stuttery eg locking onto a moving mob with TU in a busy cave is difficult as the mob will 'jump' ever so slightly and there is a lag between casting a spell and it working at times. It's not unplayable, just frustrating. A speedtest doesn't reveal any issues, normal up and downspeeds here and a reset of my router hasn't helped, but the resolving host delay might point to a wider issue.
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Sorted this issue out myself by deleting Chrome completely and reinstalling it. Dunno how but it's fixed everything and game is much smoother. One of those mysteries :)