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Slice Skill

Right so I think Gideon is the first warrior with Slice but maybe I am wrong....

So we have now maxed it out to level 3

Current Stats when i did the below tests were as follows-

Dark- 40.3 %
DC 655-1192

The skill at the max settings says the following-
Damage up to 392 over 30 seconds

The description says-
Description-Deep cuts in oponnents flesh causes them to bleed out over time

On testing in PVP Room 1 with attacking player on attack all mode I did the following-

10 hits to a player
10 hits to a player's arcamon

Of the 10 hits to the player which were all with only TDB Enabled every strike hit the player but not one single collection of bleeds occurred

Of the 10 hits to the player's arcamon pets with only TDB Enabled every strike hit the mob and in total we had 3 successfully collections of bleeds. Each collection is made up of 4 bleeds(damage inflicted) each bleed happens every 6-7 seconds. Each bleed of the 4 bleeds was between the range of 362 and 374. One of the bleeds from the 4 was a lot lower number where as the other 3 bleeds were the exact same number e.g. 374, 191, 374, 374 this occurred in all 3 successful collections of bleeds.

The bleeds (after about 6 seconds of the TDB hit) caused the sound of normal warrior skill Bloodlust and didn't make the mob flinch just simply took the damage off.

Feedback summary-
The skill states it can be used on opponents yet in this test I could not get it to work a on player only would it work on the player's pets - This seems like a oversight as surely it should work on the player aswell as the players pets etc.

One out of the fours bleeds was alot lower value where as the other three bleeds were the same value of damage- Not sure if this is down to normal regen getting involved or if there is a bug stopping one of the hits been the same as the other three.

The description of 25% chance of successfully getting a collection of bleeds off seems higher than what is actually occurring

Be nice to get either the bleed damage counter slighty different (colour maybe) or a message to say you have inflicted a bleed to the player or pet

I look forward to your swift reply as this slice should be one of the best skills for warriors and so far its not looking that great and it wasn't exactly a easy book to get and came at a hefty GG pricetag to us!
Thank you for the report. Skill was purposefully blocked on players. Some of the issues you mention are due to how the damage was calculated - it was based on the actual mode of attack. Hence using TDB was probably the worst way to test since it procs two low damage hits. The first/main hit was used to calculate the bleed damage.

In consideration, I have recoded the skill. It will now work on players at a lower success rate. There is also a lower damage rate that occurs more often. Damage is calculated from your DC not from the damage of the hit (ie the number you see represented on the skill window should be an accurate representation.

Bleeds will not cause flinching.