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Server Problems


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Extremely sorry all for the recent issues, and not being around to keep you updated. It has been a particularly difficult weekend to say the least.

Firstly, the main server had two random crashes over the past two months which were unexplained. That came to a head this weekend when the server crashed twice in two days. Following an intervention, a faulty RAM module was discovered and replaced. Hopefully, that will be the end of the problems there.

Secondly, today the web server (which also manages the log-in server) performed an update which failed and took out the OS. We are currently operating a rescue OS and will attempt a fix or reinstall in the small hours when fewer players will be affected.

I will consider a week of mixed events starting Saturday 6th to make up for the downtime, and get everyone hyped for Dungeons and Dragons.

Sorry again!
Happy Monday!
Thanks for the update! Always a nightmare trying to diagnose faulty hardware like that. Experienced that pain many times. Fingers crossed it's all dealt with now and good luck with the OS fix!
Andy, any ideas or plans to what you doing from 6th onwards in regards to above, exp event or something?