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Server just go down ?

Just a random question does resting bonus regain when server crashes ? I had used mine all up was just curious cos be a good time to let them restore ��
It hasn't always been the case that pets die, actually its only since the new server
The issue is the definitions of "server". It can refer to the software or the hardware, can usually be inferred from context but not always.

If the server software crashes, then all mobs vanish and are recreated when it is brought back up. In that case, pets die.
If the server is actually up, but loses it's connection to the internet, then it is still running so all mobs are unaffected, you just can't connected. People often consider this to mean the server is "down" but it isn't really. This was more often what happened on the old host.

The new host has a more reliable connection, but the OS has some additional functionality that is causing the server software to crash, hence why all mobs are vanishing.

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Or maybe I've just had too much covfefe
still cant get on

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FB says there are still some ppl that can log in ... i cant and it kicked me out hour ago
those who keep trying to log in. I'm more than sure Andy will inform us when server is Back up.. keep your toys in the pram guys :D
Don't worry guys, there is a silver lining.

Now he will have to access Facebook and the forum and reply to my post or private message.

All is not lost.