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Selling to the Trader (Hopefully Helpful)


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Greetings All.

Since I have received so much help from other players I thought I would try to help out people who are just starting the game or, like me, play with basically no idea about anything, as such I thought I would make a list here of the some of the items you can sell to the trader and what they are worth (I will update the list when I sell more things to him)

White Flower: 7.5k
Red Apple: 10k
Chinensis Rose, Bloodroot, Goldthorn: 14k
Rare Red Flower: 16.5k
Ipecac Flower, Pink Flower: 9k
Mysterious Rose, Molineux Rose: 16k
Purple Lotus, Stormvine: 15k
Ginko Branch: 12.5k
Bamboo: 20.5k
Bruiseweed: 19.5k
Briarthorn: 17.5k
Cinderbloom, Peacebloom: 50k

Canibl Fruit Tea(XS), Bone Broth(XS), Bone Dumplings(XS), Zerk Soup(XS), Dumplings(XS), Egg Dumplings(XS), Chicken Dumplings(XS), Herbal Tea(XS), Chicken Broth(XS), Egg Broth(XS): All are sold for 2k

Canibl Fruit Tea(S), Bone Broth(S), Bone Dumplings(S), Zerk Soup(S), Dumplings(S), Egg Dumplings(S), Chicken Dumplings(S), Herbal Tea(S), Chicken Broth(S), Egg Broth(S): All are sold for 4k

Canibl Fruit Tea(M), Bone Broth(M), Bone Dumplings(M), Zerk Soup(M), Dumplings(M), Egg Dumplings(M), Chicken Dumplings(M), Herbal Tea(M), Chicken Broth(M), Egg Broth(M): All are sold for 8k

Canibl Fruit Tea(L), Bone Broth(L), Bone Dumplings(L), Zerk Soup(L), Dumplings(L), Egg Dumplings(L), Chicken Dumplings(L), Herbal Tea(L), Chicken Broth(L), Egg Broth(L): All are sold for 16k

This was inspired by the post "[Guide] Zade's nooby wiz guide" and while this post is nothing in comparison to that I hope it will help someone.
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