Self isolate event?? | The Legend of Mir

Self isolate event??


So the way the world is going it looks like global lockdown is coming, user count at peek times is up!

What about some gentle events to keep peoples spirits up?

Nothing that’s gunna wreck the server but maybe:

Daily siege on a couple of towns at random
Exp x0.5 boost for 2 weeks
Magic find x0.25 for a week or 2
Double mob spawns twice a day (inc bosses)

Not sure how do able these are but just thoughts
In the past 2 days we already had 1.5x exp boost and double super and champion mobs.. shame they were only on for 24hrs each.. having them run for longer than 24hrs would definitely be a nice boost for everybody.
Yh got to keep it relivant to the current situation . Lock everyone in BW . Can only go outside to hunt for 30 mins a day and limited to once a day. XP is halved;p