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SA/MA/PA Runes.


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Would it be such a terrible thing if these went to a 3 phase upgrade like its familiar friend SC/MC/DC

Skip the 0.3 / 0.4 stage and start straight at marble.

Everything would line up quite nice this way, example:

SoulCrystal(S) > SoulCrystal(M) > SoulCrystal(L)

HematiteMarble > DamagedSpiritRune > SpiritRune

Would this spoil the economy, be too easy, or be welcomed by the majority.

i hate the timer too , maybe if you remove the expiry date on them once the event has been and gone? Also just a suggestion to buff the lesser used runes like IgnoreTargetDefence , Health regen , Reflect ?
I think the timer will help keep things moving through the economy rather than sat in people's store chars.
Agree about other runes, definite room for a slight buff on those things.
With regards to PA SA MA I think keep as is, they are currently top end and should stay that way.

With the others there is def room for a buf. Combine hp mp regen to make 15 then 20%? Emeralds!! Don’t get me started on these lol. Maybe change to poi res instead?
The drop rates are balanced in favour of more of the other runes, though so the drop rate of a SoulCrystal(S) is not equal to the lesser stones of the XS

As for increasing the stats of the other stones, you need to be careful since with 25 of them on your kit currently you could achieve, say 250% Health Regen and stack that with other items you could get what 600%?

Really they needed to be restricted to certain items like orbs, but we didn't want it to be over-complicated. On RotA you can only use 1 type of socket once per item but it was too late to do that here, and i'm not really sure if its favourable.