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SA MA PA Capped at 75% ?


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Hi , wondered if anyone can confirm or know when this came about , I am pretty sure last year when I managed to get over 75% with hero pot when i did the SC 2100 in cele gear but now it caps out at 75%, looking at Zade's Stone calculator and my previous build screenies it actually seems that building SA on gear after 1750 SC and 60% SA or higher only helps the lower number stats and cripples your high-end SC total , as I can nearly max out 75% SA with just gear and candle , so my guess is i need to revert back to SC on some garments to edge the total SC higher at the degradation of lower end numbers, Is there a sweet spot ? or is it horses for courses because after various switches of gear etc. it seems that SA in conjunction with hero pot is a false errand after a certain point. Also looking at skills and cause and effect of certain ones going all out SA seems not really much of improvement over lower SA total and higher base SC top end .
Any thoughts, ideas and input on this would be appreciated and may help others aswell.