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Hello,is there any reason why that anti Push ring got removed ? i mean only 2 players used that ring at all,it was the way to outplay the wizzards and taos that only spam dash,i dont get it why you should remove that ring,if you want to tell us that you added Mythic stat that gives same effect its wrong. It just have the effect on bosses and not on "pushes" from players.
Can i finally get a answer by some Gamemaster ?i mean its also a bug report that the mythic boots dont work on player dashes.....
Hey sorry, not sure how I missed this so many times :eek-new:

I think it was an oversight sadly. I personally didn't realise that that ring's function was in game and I repurposed it into the "Steel Grips" feature. So, sorry about that. I wonder if it was something to do with weight limits being removed from game.

Anyway, the whole push mechanic in game was refactored into a single procedure (similar to how poison/slow/freezing was) to make it more malleable to future updates. This is why push previously had different effects from different entities in game. Now, barring any exceptional circumstances, the push mechanics undergo the same "tests" in order to proceed. One of those tests is pusher's level and thus a pusher's level may overcome "Steel Grips".
i mean,it was a nice ring,the way to outplay the people that spammed dash in pk,i just would enjoy if its possible to copy and paste the script of RingOfNarya into the mythic boots effect,that would be nice and i think alot of people would be happy with that. Thanks for the answers.