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returning player

just a quick hello, this corona thing has got me all nostalgic and thought I would get stuck into a good grinder while in lockdown. I played on Phoenix about a 100 years ago so it will be like starting fresh.

Looking forward to meeting you ingame!

happy hunting
Hi, I’ve recently returned to Mir, I played p69 a long time ago and de used to give this server a try. I think it’s great. Welcome back.
Welcome, any issues or ideas post let us know.

We don't get that much feedback from new players and we understand the start of the game can be confusing
Welcome back!

A lot has changed since the WeMade days, but you'll get back into the swing of things in no time!

Explore your old stomping grounds, try out the Emily quest NPC in border village who guides you through your first few levels and will remind you how things work, and have a read at some of the guides on the forum and the website.

If anything is unclear, most people are generally pretty helpful, so don't hesitate to ask here or ingame for advice