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Resting EXP, tavern and going offline



In the tavern I get x2 resting EXP. I have been going AFK at night. Can I go into the tavern, then logout and still get x2 resting exp?

It was mentioned that resting EXP kicks in after 15min AFK or 2 hours after logging out.
What if I go AFK for 15min so the resting EXP kicks in, then log out? Will the resting EXP still continue, or is it delayed by 2 hours?
This may sound like a silly question, but can someone explain what resting xp is?

It's quite an old mechanism. It was originally implemented to slow down people who share chars and grind exp in shifts.

When you're logged out or afk, your 'resting exp' recharges. When you're out levelling it gives you an extra exp boost.

Its quite a while since it's been recalculated though and there's been a lot of exp changes, so in effect pretty much everyone has more resting exp than they can ever use, except for brand new players and heroes league (you don't get any resting exp if you're in heroes league)
I have noticed double resting EXP stops working in tavern if the game detects you haven't moved around for a while. Is this a feature?