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Rested XP


i've just reached 121 wizard, i don't seem to be accumilating anymore rested exp, i've been stood in SZ for 30 mins now, i've restarted client/restarted my system, i've browsed the forum, im just wondering if you have any idea what is causing this issue/ or a way i can fix it my end so i can start getting rested exp again.

Many thanks.
Hmm that is strange. Rested exp should start to accumulate once you have achieved "rested status" which you should get after 15 mins in safe zone, or 2 hours logged out. Not sure if moving around in safe zone stops it or not
Do you stand in town? or stand in mobs safezone. If ur pet kill mobs you get exp then you will not get rest exp.
but if u stand in safezone without getting any exp, you can get rest exp .
I have tried that I can get rest exp even I am trainning my skills.
but never try walking.
Most important not to use skills or attack anything (even when you don't do damage I think)

In offline mode you need to be offline for at least 2 hours for it to begin building up