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Repair scroll


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These are cool but I’m not sure they are what we needed. Generally when people are orbing items and the possibility of accidentally gemming a item occurs, the item in question will be already crafted with stats they want. They are now just orbing to finish it off. When accidentally gemming a item and it breaks it really really sucks and nobody intentionally does this.
I think that repair scroll should re instate the lost stats aswell because Nobody is gonna spend 50gg for buy a repair scroll to recover a item that’s just gonna be fresh. The items values and mostly based on the upgrades it has. For instance I have dust of a huijin ring in storage. I gemmed it accidentally and it broke and it had 11% ice damage. Now I would happily spend 50gg to get that item back. But there’s no way I’m gonna spend 50gg to get a white item back.
I'm in the same boat, I have an artefact frost guard dust still in store from ages ago, before scrolls even existed. Can't even remember what the stats were but I know it was good, but no point paying 50gg as you say, for a white frost guard.

If it was a celestial item you would pay the 50gg without a doubt though! So it all depends I guess.

Godda be more careful :)