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RedItems and scrolls

hello everyone, there's a thing that makes me so MAD. You drop an uni item (redname) you use the 1m scroll to reveal it and it become white, no stars. How is that possible? if i drop a white item is white, if it's uni and i spend 1m to reveal it it should be at least 3 stars or it would have been white on the drop.
Andy can you explain it? i think that's a bug.....
use 1k scrolls... there is a bug with 1mil scrolls and that is that they are utterly useless.. like you said i personally my self had more success using 100k and 1k scrolls. no joke.. and these are mainly with uni items dropping from monsters...
probe necky level 1 used 123 3 star esse and 4 star design! went red . tristram buy a scroll use 90k one! made item normal again:( this can't be right.. is it bugged ?