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Reboot - Arcadia is now back online


Staff member
The servers are back online now. Sorry it took so long but Windows updates seem to take forever.

✓ Group members stay visible across the map
✓ Guild members stay visible across the map
✓ Power Orbs will now last 24h
✓ Reduced Gold drops and Gold Bar Drops
✓ Revival ring does not reset on log out and shows a buff icon on activation
✓ Added a small walk delay after a player is BattleCharged (trial)

There was a discussion about the Revival Rings and log-out recharge bug. We decided that this bug should be removed based on feedback. Since making that change known there has been some uproar from Warriors. Because of the apparent last minute uprising I have set Revival Rings to recharge within 1 minute in safezones. There may be some issues with this so please highlight them ASAP.

As with all changes, they will be monitored and things adjusted accordingly

Thank you for your understanding
A 1min cooldown in bdd 3f and rdd RTz safezone will make it a lot easier, probably unintended