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Reboot and Update at 13:00 GMT


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General updates:
✓ Removed champion notification on pets
✓ No more boss notifications for dead bosses
✓ Bloodstorm steals health as described
✓ Prevented important system messages from being hidden in chat - if you wish to contest any of these let us know..
MagicFind now affects rate of Red item drops (as well as how special they can be)
✓ Music now plays in the background, to disable, hit F12 > Sound > Background Music
✓ You can now click on the minimap to quickly show @move for Teleport Ring activation
✓ If a merchant can buy your items, they will highlight green in bag when you open the shop
✓ Level 105 kit and below should now drop more freely
✓ New affordance cursors, more will be added over time

Character control:
✓ Added a potential fix for the "sticky feet" issue. You may experience a single knock-back when the server corrects your position, but should be able to move immediately after that.
✓ If you have clicked a target player/monster and try to run away with right click, previously the game continued to draw you to attack the target. Now you will only try to attack if you press shift. This way, with skill, you may hit and run, hit and run.
✓ When you try to cast a skill using F1-8, they will take precedence over running, which makes it easier to cast, attack and run

These changes have been made to make you feel more in control of the character. Please let us know if any of the changes have adverse effects that you feel do not improve your experience, or any other suggestions you may have.

The server will be back online as soon as Windows completes updates

As always, thank you all for being a great community. Let me know if you have any problems.
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Character control updates sound interesting. Very subtle changes like that can have huge impact, its often hard to guess exactly what that impact will look like. I do look forward to trying it out!

Also big thanks for the tamed champions thing especially :D
Will our pets be back??? Lost them last night to that odd crash. No I did not die no they did not die I was in town with 5 pets and all had over 3 hours time on them when the crash occurred. Other wizards had the same bug.
No pets......
Why is the cursor a mini mouse ???
It does not work accurately at all very dangerous please let's have normal cursor back or even the option
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Yes, no pets. I replied to your other thread.

The mouse cursor is more accurate than default, unless there is something unusual happening with your pc
hi, yes maybe the mouse cursor is maybe more accurate, but if you real can put the old on options like wizbang say
is welcome
Nothing to do with my computer the mouse style is clumsy and inaccurate but when it highlights a mob it is better but all the other time as a silly coloured mouse no dreadful please let us have the option of the old one.
Easter event start time 8pm gmt??? urgh why 8pm? this is first time and only 10 days??? atleast make it either 14 days

- - - Updated - - -

Nothing to do with my computer the mouse style is clumsy and inaccurate but when it highlights a mob it is better but all the other time as a silly coloured mouse no dreadful please let us have the option of the old one.

i think the mouse courser is a nice addition.. the image changes when something is highlighted. So far Im finding this useful
Blood storm is now taking 46hp every 5th hit now instead of before when it was taking 50hp , realy hoped for it to work more like bloodlust where I could fill a chunk if my HP swiftly
Thankyou for mouse pointer makes mobs in trees easier to target, also helps in snowbrook against snow effect.
Could there be an option to change its colour maybe red or blue?
Best wishes
Ps any news on arcamon list update?
Good update so far :)
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Got home around 10pm last night, ran autopatcher and logged in as normal. Was trying out the new changes but only managed about 30 mins before entire screen froze, couldn't even move cursor, all animations stopped etc. Had to ctrl-alt-del to close the game. Logged in again and within 5 mins the same thing happened. Repeated 3 times kept happening. Was too tired to concentrate to figure out if something on my PC was causing it, so just went to bed. Will have another go tonight and hopefully be able to figure it out if it's still happening.

Anyone else experienced this yesterday/today?
All in my guild agree the mouse is very unattractive, however I personally like the hand grab and the sword pointers.
Also noticed that drops are more staggered than the grid we had before: Looks like the drops are still 'in line' as you walk over them to pick up, but higher or lower on the virtual loot-stack. Cool.

I see some hate towards the mouse, but it looks like GM is now using a software mouse, and it wouldn't be much effort for more custom cursors, or even customization in the future.

Thanks GM!
Done some logging and it seems I am getting CPU usage spikes when I hover over some items, something to do with the stat comparison perhaps?
Assuming you are up to date?

Any idea what you were doing when you crashed? Was it something specific?
Assuming you are up to date?

Any idea what you were doing when you crashed? Was it something specific?

Yes everything up to date.

Been testing it out a bit this evening and it seems to be when I hover over an item to see it's stats. The stars under the title spin much faster than before and CPU usage spikes. If I was to let my inner software developer have a guess it would say there's a loop to perform the star spinning animation that has a delay in it to control the speed, and that delay value has been unset somewhere, causing the loop to run as fast as the CPU can manage. I could be a million miles off but that's my best guess for what would fit the symptoms I've seen.

It doesn't do it every time, and I've asked other people to try it and they haven't experienced the same thing, which is kinda weird.