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RAtio of getting essence rather than designs...


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So for the past 1-2 month i have heavily invested most of my time, gold and gg trying to find a decent ring design... and they are so hard to come around... almost 8/10 items i salvage turns in to essences, all my chars are clogged up with essences..

You can use an an essence to make anything but it doesnt work the same with designs. it seems they are more harder to get. i think this needs to be looked at. rate of getting a design should be slightly increased as compared to essence. thanks

lol wow.. nice find haha

yea so i obviously complained about this before... and im still experiencing the same problem as i was 1year ago :eek:

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My problem is that im lvl 150+ and trying to design a lvl 50 clear ring and a lvl 110 specialpararing.. and i have honestly been at them for over a month now, Hidden lands bosses would have helped me speed up making a nice clear ring but that place been changed.. the bosses doesnt spawn as often. and everytime i shout buying a ring design.. everybody increases their prices 5 fold..

i should have been able to make the rings now and move on to something else.. but no im stuck..

i also been eager to design my weap and armour for the past 1year.. even that doesnt ever happen cause every item i work my ass for items to salv turns in to an ess. even worse those essences fail after cause I had it in storage for too long.
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IS there a port number or anything i can set my router firewall to forward? still having the same issue with the patcher

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damn wrong topic. was meant to post that in another thread