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Random disconnects


Leading Contributor
Was just in arena there, playing 2 characters at the same time on same PC, and both disconnected at the exact same time with no warning. Just screen completely froze, had to Alt-F4 them to close them and log back in. It wasn't my internet connection because I'm talking on discord on the same PC and there was no interruption there.

Are there any debug logs or anything stored that I would be able to provide that might help understand the cause of the disconnection?

A few months ago this was happening to me. This and the interface wouldn't let me mouse over my xp or use the exit button in character select. I stopped logging on when, I had spare time because of it.
Think the last time we went to blue dragon with you this happened to me.
It's not the first time there have been random disconnects in the Arena. Never had it happen on a normal hunt but have had what you describe in the arena before.