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Raezohr bug


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We were killing Raezohr, and it RT as it does when its low HP, it was approx 100k hp left. The fake was dead, and didn't respawn which was weird too. We had 8 people looking for it for like 30 minutes and it's definitely nowhere.

What gives?
When we went there were 2. Killed the low hp one and then got the hard one to 100k, it rted never to be seen again :(
Does that mean Zade was finishing off the fake?

5star & co killed the real one in the morning and left the fake

When I went there was 2 so real had definitely respawned. One of our group accidentally hit the fake and it wouldn't stop hitting us, so we killed it with the expectation that it would respawn instantly but the new one wouldn't hit us, so the real would be easier to finish. But the fake didn't respawn. We continued smashing the real one, when it was 10% HP it RT as it always does. But it's definitely nowhere to be found on the map.

I have a theory based on an experience with timberthorn...

One time I RT in (either lakes or isles, can't remember which it was) and I landed on the same space as a timberthorn, in the middle of blackness, miles away from any other part of the map. I couldn't move and neither could it, and it couldn't hit me. I just had to put down frozen ground / blaze and wait for it to die. Seems like there is a single spot that is accessible that shouldn't be, and on that occasion timberthorn happened to spawn on it and I was lucky enough to land on it. Maybe it's possible the same bug exists on the caverns map and raezohr is actually stuck somewhere nobody will ever be able to get to other than with a very lucky rt.
I have just spawned him again. It looks like he ghosted last time. I will add some script to allow him to respawn if this happens again