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Most probably been posted before although have scrolled back about 10 pages

1. Is there an 6th floor for Insect Cave? I was looking at the item list drop thread for Toxic Gas and says Insect Cave F6

2. Where do you start Confusion / Entrapment and Vampirism?

To GM and devs great work on server
Entrapment/Vampirism/Confusion used to be a quest, you'd first need to find a part book called "Entra..." or "Vampi..." or "Confu..." and take it to the quest npc inside BW bookshop where he would tell you to find the missing pages so he could complete the book for you. You'd then collect 10 missing pages (back in the day the missing pages had a drop rate of about 1/500 in the deeper floors of zuma dungeon and sold for over 1 Mill gold each) when you have 10 and the partial book, take it to the npc and he will turn it into the finished book. Then speak to him again and he will teach you the skill. GM felt this quest was outdated since they are really low level skills, so he increased the drop rate of missing pages to 1/100 and also added the finished books into drop files so there's a chance of getting one and skipping the whole missing pages thing. I think the drop rates of the finished books was increased again since then, because they are so cheap nobody really bothers with the pages any more, they might even have been removed from drops, I haven't checked. Either way, when you have the book you can't just use it like other books, you still need to "do" the quest, even though to complete it all you have to do is visit the npc in BW with the book in you bag, and he will teach you the skill.

And that concludes today's history lesson :p
Cheers both. The full translations do drop had Vamp of Svaltus Troll today.

Many thanks