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Quest thats not working.


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Hi, I'm trying to do the -Journey to Rebirth quest in MIR Arcadia, All good except one quest that doesn't seem to wanna work, -Wedding Service. I get teleported to the little fenced in square where u have some crocks in it, I'm aware u are supposed to run around and get these plants pop up and kill them off without harming the crocks, I've tried now for several days doing this quest and sadly nothing is popping up for me as I run around in there, can someone please help? I really need to be able to complete this one to continue on. Thank u for ur time and hope for quick fix !:D // Emz
OMFG how blond am I xD I did have a clear ring on....dident even think about that one, thank u so so much haha <3 ive now completed that quest :p