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QoL ideas


1 - Naga Temple. After speaking with multiple newer players it feels like this is underused because it's so hard to get to for the kind of players who would see a benefit from it. While I personally love a maze, it's a low level cave and people who want to use it simply can't get there. Maybe consider moving the entry npc from 5F onto somewhere on 4F so they don't have to navigate the lanes to reach it

2 - Nurture - this might just be a bug or something forgotten. The spell cast uses 2700 mana, but it doesn't say that on the spell icon (all other spells say their mana usage as part of the description) and when you try to cast it but don't have enough mana it just fails to cast but doesn't display a message. Sometimes in the heat of the moment that 2 seconds it takes to realise why it didn't cast can make a big difference

3 - Could we have pet icons flashing when the timers are about to run out, similar to the way buff icons do it? I've ran without pets for a while now, and even gave away some that I collected recently, because the stress of remembering to check the timers constantly makes them more hassle than they are worth for me. A gentle reminder like a flashing icon would help greatly

4 - When a taoist attempts to revive a player they get a message saying how long they have to wait for cooldown before they can successfully revive. Could the player being revived also get this message (or similar, something like "player X tried to revive you, please wait another Y seconds"). It would be a helpful aid to save confusion, especially for newer players who don't understand if someone is waiting to revive them or not

5 - Make weekly challenges PvP zones. There's always a lot of pk in these areas, even though there are no player drops, and it's become the norm for the main guilds to declare guild wars during the challenges otherwise everyone would just end up red. Making them PvP zones would save that hassle for everyone. Maybe increase the demon soul cost to enter to discourage people from just running in over and over?

6 - Could AcheronRelicFragments be added to drop files in Ruins of the Consumed Souls? Since they are needed for 188 armour upgrades along with soul prisms. Or maybe they already are and I just haven't found one yet, but I did spend a fair bit of time in there so thought I'd find at least 1 by now