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Just wanting to know when we will be getting mounts we have the solt on the char just when will this door am sure am not the olny one waiting on this but it would be cool if we can get before the end of the year like xmas event add in some u have to find :D
some armours are mounts but are very low level, look in border town armours shop.. might still be in game
best wishes
yea they mite have low lvls mounts but i want to see us rideing tigers lvl 140+ we have a solt for it come on it would be nice i dont want a armour that has the mount i want to see a mount without haveing a armout plz even if u make it lvl 155+ it would really be cool make people work for it say like

lvl 100 to 110 a horse
lvl 110 to 120 a super horse
lvl 120 to 130 a wolf
lvl 130 to 140 a super wolf
lvl 140 to 150 a tiger or lion
lvl 150 to 160 a super tiger or lion