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Pot additions / ingredients


I know it might be on the todo list buuuuuttttt, all the top level ingredients boosters drop in 120 cave. There’s loads of un used low lvl stuff that could be re purposed to make modern day pots
Please define exactly what you are referring to
I think what he's talking about is stuff like Peacebloom, Cinderbloom, AncientLichen etc.,

Vast majority of people know which ones are the most efficient to use and only pick those ones to boost their potions. All the lower level stuff just gets left on the floor or sold to shops and never used.

Would be worth a review of these to maybe make the ones that are popular at the moment drop in lower level caves, and use the graphics and names of the old 'low level' stuff as new higher level ones with better stats/level ratio, so we can make potions with more MC DC etc.
Exactly what he said ;p

also maybe make some of the stuff that drops and is currently account bound, usable on pots, ie Balor horn is dc +40 +50 levels for example (upgraded version of slices horn)
Agree with alsiral lot of bosses drop horn useless only zt dtz for sell like alsiral said make good for pots or ppl can sell