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Possible to play with no gpu ?


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So my gpu is completely eff'd and I wont be able to get a all singing all dancing new one probably until next month just wondering whether or not I'd be able to actually play Arcadia without it? I know the game surely would be using my CPU anyway right? Lmfao zade I'm looking at u
Yeah I use on-board graphics :cool: all the demand is on the CPU. Anything above 3GHz should max out the FPS
Lmfao zade I'm looking at u

Racist :O Not my fault I'm a geek

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Okay I concede, yes ok ok something else I know ¬¬

The game itself as Andy says does not require any GPU at all to run, it will be perfectly happy with onboard graphics. Although there is at least some anecdodal evidence to suggest a GPU can help. For example I run a very cheap one (AMD Radeon 6570) and I am quite consistently seeing above 60fps, with occasional drops to 40fps in high action scenarios with lots of spells going on everywhere, which does appear to be well above average among people who complain about their fps despite running decent CPUs

You can definitely play as it is, but if it has any problem and it's really bugging you I'd suggest popping onto ebay and grabbing a £10 graphics card with next day delivery just to tide you over, you might be pleasantly surprised