Possible Sub-Bosses for Paradise Isles in Arcadia | The Legend of Mir

Possible Sub-Bosses for Paradise Isles in Arcadia

Why do you say that? Because the bosses are just jumped every hour and nothing else?
nah not at all, just kinda thought theres loads of subs in lakes and nothing in isles at all except 4tails obviously.
Thought there could be something cool u could add into isles possibly , a unique mob or even sub .
Ha. It's good that people post these things, I had a look and there was an error in the spawn scripts. Instead of 2 Timber Thorns spawning in each area all 4 were spawning in lakes
I'm going to split them up so its 2/2 and increase the number of Super/Champion spawns in both regions for shits and giggles
And is there any way you can make it so we dont have to harvest from the super/champion mobs coz its a massive pain in the ass lol