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Possible Bug

So Thursday the 13th around 10:10pm i died in east oma gorge. I was on a hunt with a few guildies and died a few spaces away after an rt i used. I dropped an uriel ring (lightning damage 3.3% and socketed with perfect topaz) but when our party got there there was nothing except a few rt's taht i dropped. My first thought was someone picked it up and just not saying anything, but the hunt leader suggested i reach out to you to see if you could look into it. He said when they got there together the ring was gone but shouldn't have disappeared yet.
There is a bug where items that drop just off your screen can sometimes be invisible to you. I'm not sure of the exact circumstances to recreate the bug and it usually doesn't happen, so it's not been a major issue for the most part.

What I'm suggesting is maybe the ring was actually there on the floor but none of your guild mates could see it, if they stand on the exact spot it was lying and pressed tab, they would have picked it up, even though it didn't appear to be on the floor on their screen.

Of course the more likely possibilities are that someone else did get there before your group and grabbed it, or someone in group is lying to you, or someone made a genuine mistake and picked it up without realising, could be worth asking people to double check their bags.