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point caves


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i love how all the caves are all set up but in the points caves the drops are little i know you fixed them in a good way

but i wanted to talk about a map that i cant level anymore but i loved the map so much but and i think we should have other map just like it maybe for 160 to 170+ ... the map was jungle floor 4 i would love to see a point cave like this in the game haveing mobs teleporting at you and no long rang attacks i know people will say no to this but i really do miss leveling in that map it was so fun maybe make the monstars have a strong fire res so it will stop wizzy over killing fast and easy but am sure you would work this all out when and if u think this is a good plan but i really miss a map like that i reamber being lvl 130 running around my own fire without getting stopped from mobs exp was good and allso slow but allways fun
Great thinking, I also enjoyed the days of levelling in jungle. The problem with recreating that map for higher levels is that it's really easy and we need harder content now, people will just end up getting bored if it's too easy