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Pets lost again


Pets lost again!!! This is the 2nd time the server has died and our pets are lost.
Please can we have compensation?
I had some very nice pets. Takes me days to get 5 decent ones.
Should be able to buy pets tbh.. I don't remember if it was the beginning of arcadia or Dragon server where you could purchase pets for like 100k each
Fucker have we lost pets again :s Iv barley played this week and was looking forward to hunting over the weekend with my pets from sunken ship ! Looks like I needa wait till Tuesday night !!
I didn't have any pets to lose anyway. I did have some before but they thought my chat was a bit weak and went off to find a more relevant and edgy master
Lost 5 great pets again also.

Perhaps an easier way to gain pets could be looked at, can sometimes take days to get them and it is not a fun activity.
Well according to Jaynoz101 I quote "In the time it took you to write this post you could have had some nice pets again lol.."
This is not true. it can take days sometimes to get decent ones.
The crashing is very unusual so we can just hope that the server settles back to it's regular good performance and these problems will be a thing of the past.
It was only like 5 months ago I added the save feature for pets on log out. Now you want a compensation feature. Want want give give