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Pet Hunger


would it be possible to have the hunger of a Arcamon go down more quickly if it is moving/hunting with you? (not rested in town)

the more work it does the hungrier it gets.

Just a thought and would make it abit more interesting for high lvled players when lvling a arcamon from 0??
Seems like a good idea, but I think the idea of keeping them rested to gain hunger is a method to make it harder to level them. You have to make the choice between levelling it and using it, can't do both. It's annoying but I think it's ok, if you could level them while using them it would just make the game easier again and it's easy enough as it is :p
wouldnt it be harder to lvl them if they were lvling/dying in high lvled areas all the time though? Plus it would give the players with the same arc lvl as them a little bonus.

im not saying take hunger away when rested, just maybe a little boost when they are in attack/agg/def mode?
because if i'm lvl 150 hunting in a 150 area, a lvl 40 arcamon would'nt last 2 seconds.

it means that u would have to replenish every 5 mins, and wouldnt be worth it.

so if im a lvl 150 player and want to lvl a arcamon faster than "resting hunger rate" I would have to take it for a walk.
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