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Pet Food Areas and Size

Hi Guys

Sorry if this thread has been asked before.

Now I have looked through the guide and have read where to find the Pet Food within the Making Money section. Now if there was a section which said where to find the food it would be so much easier. I know it isn't meant to be made easy but sometimes a helping hand goes down well.

Now I have found XS as its found in many places, but what I am looking for is Medium. I know i have seen it before I just cannot remember and should have written it down, so I have come to pick all of your brains whilst i run around trying to figure out where i saw it last.

What I am doing is trying to level up some pets, which need the Med and then large pet foods.

I really do appreciate all the guidance you guys offer.

Look at the lvl on the food and then caves around that level.

It doesn’t actually matter what size food you feed your pet though, all that will change will be how fast it lvls. After small food which finding on mass is Lisa, I advise yawing food that drops where you hunt normally. You will still get your regular exp drops and gold and not waste time in noob caves looking for food just to lvl your pet a bit faster