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Pet attack options/ recall buttons


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As a tao let me say trying to lvl an arcamon is a pain in the backside coz i am always unresting my pets coz you kno im a tao.. lol . i know people will say leave it on an alt account and lvl it afk on there but i seem to be laggin out too much to keep a char afk in sz. also wouldnt help that i need to lvl it to 160 and other accounts arent that high lvl so wouldnt be able to spawn it. was thinking if it would be hard to add in something like a mode to change just the pet arcamons attack mode or just the default pets attack mode ? so i can leave my lil tree stump in peace . Also a recall pets button would be awesome !
It would be something to add if there was an overall update to the pet system but otherwise I don't think it would happen sorry