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Past Bichon Bugs

Noticed the 'R' rankings are scuffed
Was only for first hour, I think the game updates the rankings every hour or so, so it didn't work at all until it got it's first update an hour after reboot. On that note, loving the progress indicators on the rankings list! Gives us all some incentive to push a bit more so we don't look like noobs, and it's properly ordered now which is something that always bugged me hehe

- - - Updated - - -

Are mythic items meant to massively increase the level of the item?
I got an item that's 2 stars (unique) but also has Wisdom mythic stat, and it's 8 levels above normal. Is that correct or is it a bug?

- - - Updated - - -

"Past Bichon Omas" kill count doesn't update on achievements screen. There are several quests that rely on that, can the count be made to work, or those quests be adjusted please

- - - Updated - - -

GemChips disintegrate after 2 hours, I'm guessing it's meant to be like 2 days or something. Seems strange to have an expiry time on a socket item. Please advise if this is intentional or not

- - - Updated - - -

A sword oma just wandered in PB town and it took guard 5 hits to kill it, if someone drags a lure in there's potential for AFK ppl in safe zone to get hit

- - - Updated - - -

Is the rate increases from killchain meant to display somewhere? I took a screenshot of my state page (where it shows magic find gold find drop rate etc) at 120% kill chain and again at 25% kill chain and everything was exactly the same, didn't see any buff icons or anything. Is it just "in the background" but we don't get to see the numbers? Is it possible to show us somewhere exactly what % buff we are getting right now? For example if I have 140% drop rate and 120% kill chain and someone else in group has 150% drop rate but no kill chain, how do we know which one of us should try to take the kill?
Yeah ranking only updates hourly or so

Some mythic items will augment the levels yes - what dropped? Seems a bit soon for one to drop :star:

Re the kill counts, this is one of my biggest issues savaging areas. There will need to be a review of the whole situation

Two hours is right for these

There's only 1 Guard in PB. Don't go afk in town

No to killchain, since it doesn't act on all the kills (bosses) it would be misleading. Maybe one day there will be more of a graphical front end but for now it just works in the background