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Just unlucky, I had 10 fail in the row the other day in one go, then another 7 later in same day. Next day I got 13/15 work....
Hi, I tried to make over 20 orbs but they all failed. Has anything changed, or was I just unlucky?

This is Scorp's reply when I complained about Kevin being a git a few months ago.
I've had 9/10 gems orb before and then the next 15 or so all fail.
"It's random each and every time you do it. Just a coin flip. I appreciate that losses always feel like they outweigh gains but if you did it over a period it would always be 50:50

Granted it is pseudorandom, though, however that is random enough.

If you want to learn more: http://www.delphibasics.co.uk/RTL.asp?Name=Random"
All I know is if I go on another 1/20 spree I'm gonna burn Kevin's house down with his family inside and make him watch.