OmaLordSpiritStone + 164 Armours | The Legend of Mir

OmaLordSpiritStone + 164 Armours


I got an Evilmir armour 164 by accident. My quesion is. Is there any new set items with elemental defence like hc or celestial as the 164 armours for example dont have it. Are those salving armours for Celestial?

Ty for change on evil mir armours. But lets face it. HC crystal and Celestial still better. They have all defence + reflect. Magic and PA defence. Celestial even got health regen also...
So Evilmir armour is not a set same as HC crystal or celestial. With a name like "Evil Mir armour" and the look of it i expekted something better :)

Ty anyway for the updated ●