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Not receiving game points


Hard to say exactly when this started, and all I’ve been doing is levelling for the past 4/5 days so I don’t know about other maps, but I level in temple of ancients, and For a good few days now I’ve not been receiving game points when killing supers and champions. Everything else about the system works, the notification of the mob, the notice in guild once it’s dead, and even the guild build points, but I’m not getting any game points.

Can you clarify if this is a bug or you’ve made a change for some reason?


Ps, it’s not a level issue, I’m 164 and killing blue and red mobs that are level 165-185, temple of ancients F6 and F7
GamePoints now popup in the top left of your screen along with experience points etc. rather than spamming up the chat bar. You can view your GamePoints at Traders and other NPCs that use GPs.
If your looking to clean up chat box also remove the messages that x player killed a super mob in guild chat. Limit it to bosses.

Also an option to move the top left messages elsewhere would be nice I think I'd prefer them messages to appear bottom-right given the choice.
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