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Noob Question Flawless & Perfect Green gemstones


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Just started playing, have picked up some of these but they don't have stats. Could someone point me to a gem guide or tell me what they're used for. Thanks
Thanks - I wasn't sure if the colours were specific to a class eg red = sc green = dc etc etc

I believe your right, Colors coordinate with class/stats. Once you unid though they can give much better stats boots such as fire dmg/phyiscal att % and such. When you start its alot to digest but makes more sense as you get past lv100. If your under 100 theres @under100freeXP, gives you bonus exp until you level. You have to re-enter it every time you level though.
Try looking in BW Trader, or search auction house, for others that might be for sale. They will likely already be identified so you can see and learn which ones have what stats, then you can decide if you want to spend on identifying the ones you have or if it's useless to you I'm might be better to just sell to shop without identifying it first