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non drop kit and pk


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dear staff,
i think it's very unfair that the top 5 % of pkers have non drop kit:( not because of the kit thats not the issue...
but for some players just to pk all the time because they have no risk of drops is unfair to players that only pve in game.
please could you change the first two floors on each cave to non drop or safe zones... going for a boss you take the risk no issues after floor 2.
i need to lvl without "Vic the Dick" landing next to me every 5 mins (could you look into account sharing with this account please)
regards TaoLoaf
I really feel for u mate. The acc bound items are really an odd thing to be in mir, even once you've lvl past them they are just useless and you end up storing for spare kit or salvaging
I'm not convinced making the first 2 floors of every cave a safe zone is beneficial to the server. There are 'demon soul caves' for every level range that are fully safe zones you can hunt in safely without any concern if you aren't wanting to have any risk of pvp. Gaining enough demon souls to stay in those caves indefinitely is easy to do via the daily extermination meter quests.

However, as much as I agree with the vast majority of changes GM makes, I feel the addition of bound kit was a huge miscalculation.

I'm guessing the intention there was that casual players would use bound kit as a means of being less attractive to pkers. But exactly the opposite has happened. Casual players can't afford to make a full kit of bound items and upgrade it all, socket all over again etc. They use what they can get a hold of. The biggest market of bound kit is players who actively pursue pk, because they know that they can do it without risk to themselves.

I appreciate GM recognised the complaints about that and made a lot of the special items drop without the bound attribute now, but all that's done is make bound stuff rarer, thus more expensive, and it doesn't undo the damage that was done when a small handful of dedicated pkers made their bound kit.

Last time I complained about this I was told I was "crying because you don't have any and weren't smart enough to do it". I'll rebuke that in anticipation by explaining that I do have a full set of bound kit for both wiz and tao, but I don't see any value in designing it and spending a fortune on sockets etc. just to make kit that's the same or worse as I already have.

On a side note, loaf, as much as I dislike account sharing and feel strongly against it, unfortunately it's explicitly allowed in the rules, only with a warning that the original owner of the account is liable for any losses and if anything is stolen then it's their risk to take and their fault for giving out their login credentials
Been thinking about this... maybe re-energising the karma system is the way to go

As it is, the karma (for players) and aura (for guilds) is really outdated, basically everyone has maximum and even after a ton of pking can get back to maximum in no time at all

Rescale it, so characters karma and guilds aura goes down properly when you pk a lot, and goes up slowly when you kill mobs. Low karma/aura will make you more likely to drop on death, high karma/aura will make you less likely to drop on death.

Of course there's down-sides to everything, it would certainly exacerbate the attractiveness of allowing yourself to be pkd in non-drop areas. Everyone does it from time to time, me included, I won't deny that. It's a very expensive hobby. Will definitely need to look into ways to discourage that, possibly some kind of mechanism that restricts the use of rev scrolls to some degree