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New tao skelly/shin look


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Saw this on lomcn think taos can get that new shin/skelly look in this video?

Thanks for reminding me actually, I'll confess I kinda' forgot about this. I'll do some digging when I get a moment though.
I think its the ones in \Data\Monster\mon41.wzl ?

Yeah think so, I had a scout about but didn't have much time to have a really good look. Found some previews (and even some I've never seen before) but no sources to get the full animations, will keep looking though.
can we be looking out for this on next update?

I very much doubt it mate, reading this thread I think it's very clear they are trying to get the right files in place but haven't got them yet, and the next update feels like it will be pretty soon
Good news, might have found something. Need to check it out properly, fingers crossed!
New look pets cool... Any chance of skins for armours? Love bat, skelly type armours just all low level now. Maybe an npc were you could pay to change its looks..
Best wishes