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New stuff for events


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Frist of all hey everyone and Mr Andy

Andy all i have to say this mite be lovely and fun to say but mite drive you bananas so lets go

1. would love a new xmas event map but if that dose not come this year that is fine but i have little fun plans to make this a lot better on the xmas event subs bosses elf's and the main boss santa he can have a candycane sword all so he can throw xmas gifts at you just like fireball comes at you

2. event skins for players for all events say easter halloween and xmas so xmas you look like a elf or santa weapons would be candycane weapon skins armour skin would be elf or santa ..... u can add skins for rings belt boots and helm ...... say you get the full set u can get 10% ice resistance easter would be a bunny skin and carrot weapons skin and so on but with a 10% resistance for full set and so on halloween would be more of a grimreaper weapon skins armour skins maybe be grim or zombie skins and same agen 10% resistance to whatever for the full set and the sets can be found from mobs bosses and subs but if there lazy people 50gg per skin from gameshop all skins resistences add to your kit with loseing anything but here is the kicker to get all the skins on you have to pay to get them off from the gameshop but once there off you cant get them back untill the next event

i know i was talking to someone that said upgradable candy cane axe that would be fun too just to see

so andy lets here some input about this one even if you hate it :D
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Great ideas but realy not my cup of tea of content for why I play a game like mir :)

I want orbs runes and exp and lots of drops with super bosses everywhere that only drop for me and no one ells.

Prety much this - good ideas but not what most people want to see.