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New Server (17/04/2019)


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I woke up this morning to discover that the server had again crashed. At the same time the new server had been delivered so instead of just booting back up, I performed the transfer to the new server. Very disappointed with the last one, clearly some undiagnosed hardware issue. Hopefully the new one will perform.

You will need to update your clients to connect. The server will be online shortly, Windows is just updating..

Happy Easter
Thanks. hopefully this new server or computer wont let us down again that easily

- - - Updated - - -

Ranking system and castles are not working properly. When u press G and click on castle.. only SW shows
Ranking may take an hour to initiate.
Castle thing may be another issue, will look into it
Not sure if this is related to the new server or just a general bug, was on our way to Retshe this morning and everything was sweet right up until we engaged him, my screen went black yet I could still see the chat bar, map etc and was able to use my skills I just couldn't see anything. Managed to kill it with 5star telling me step by step what spells to use but was quite frustrating running all the way to nearly not being able to kill it.

Other than that event has been spot on cheers scorp.
Come on sort Castles and Ranking for the heavy weekend of gaming is stitching us over repairing our kit outside of our castles! :p

P.s. you owe us for last nights castle funds not transferring but if you transfer 100 mil in compensation I'll let you off :)