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New Sabuk Wall War Rules


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We will be testing a new type of Sabuk Wall War on Saturday 22nd September.

The three top guilds have been automatically submitted for conquest (TheLegends, JustDoOne, TheGoodFellas).

1) War will last 1 hour
2) Points will be acquired, or lost by each Guild member
2a) Points gained for being within the point zone area (around palace)
2b) Points gained for being inside the palace
2c) Points gained for killing an opponent
2d) Points lost for teleporting within war zone
3) After 1 hour, the Guild with the most points will conquer Sabuk

During this testing we will see what changes need to be made. Any comments and suggestions may be made here.

This currently only affects Sabuk Wall.
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More about fair fighting.
If you could freely teleport then with this war system you would have racking up points and then teleporting away.
Or at least teleporting away to avoid loss of points.
Which doesn't seem right.
To confirm, will points only be lost for using TT/RT/TH scroll? What about tele ring / translocation?
Kill anyone? Or just guild members who are fighting for the castle? How detailed is that part, people could just run on a low level and keep running to the same spot and dying to the same player so it would boost his points? It seems a bit of a weird kind of way to declare winners of wars to me
Of course, an opponent is defined as someone who is attacking/defending the castle

And any teleport is prohibited at the moment even if you are recalled while in the zone
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thb i dont like this plan atm but ill like it if this is u bring tournaments into game and sw will be the tourament wall part from that i like the good old fights for walls not getting points for them kindy takes the fun out of it as u said telport will lose points what if u do this to all the walls after the test gose good how are people going to fight for all walls they need to telport to all walls lossing points not really that fair
The rules have been revised.

During testing it became apparent that it would be possible for two guilds to work together by one killing the other repeatedly to gain unfair points. With that in mind, you can no longer gain points from killing players. Points will still be lost when a player dies
Further explanation.

There will be 3 zones a 1) wide zone; 2) a points zone and; 3) inside the palace.

1) The wide zone is about 300x300 around the castle perimeter. This is the main war zone. No points are gained here, you may use teleportation, and you will lose points if you die.
2) The points zone is about 30x30 around the palace and here you will gain a small number of points, but lose points if you teleport away or die
3) Inside the palace you will gain the most points, but also lose points if you die or try to teleport away
Don't know what you thought about the test but I thought it was great fun.
The Legends owned.......
Well done all who took part.
Yep went really well I think. Going to take a while and a few wars to test it thoroughly though I guess
In addition to this, after the next reboot, Sabuk Wall wars will only be held on Sundays at 6 PM.

When you declare war, it will take place on the following Sunday. If you declare war on Sunday, it will not take place until next Sunday.

All other wars are unaffected.

Some castles will start taking commission from other towns in order to increase their worth.