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New pvp area


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Sleep deprived so let me know if none of this makes any sense and I'll try to revise it later haha

Just had a random idea pop into my head about the pvp areas. There's currently 6 with different rules about pets pots etc etc but in practice people really only use the first one for actual pvp, so it got me thinking maybe we need something a bit more involved - pvp games!

Tag/Tig room
NPC gives useless item for free (a ball or something).
Only one ball can exist at a time. If the person holding it leaves the room it vanishes and someone else can request it from the NPC.
The ball always drops from bag on death.
While the ball is in your bag you gain points in a similar way to how the points build up in sabuk war

Once this mechanism has been played with and tweaked until it becomes feasible and fair it could maybe be extended into a new weekly competition alongside last man standing, where the first person to X amount of points wins. In the competition Version the first person to enter automatically gets the ball as soon as a second person enters. If the ball holder TTs then it goes to a random person or lands on the ground or something. Every time it's dropped or picked up a notification will tell everyone in the room who has it

Also got a vague idea for a capture the flag room but I need to think about it some more before posting details
Hehe if it's too much work then fine, it can be ignored :) But every suggestion is worthwhile, the more the merrier! I throw as many ideas as possible at GM and let him decide what ones he likes

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Luckely Zade, MY MAN, can do this :pig::satellite::butterfly:

I also don't have time or I'd be running my own server lol
Sounds like a great idea, maybe it's something to look at in the future when I have more time. You keep creating work for me!