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New notification colours


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New notification display seems to have gained a mixed reaction. A few people already asked me how to turn them off, which I don't think you can, maybe? Although personally I'm a big fan, except for 1 little issue, I've got a habit of pressing and holding a button a split second or so before cooldown is finished so that it casts as soon as possible, but now in that short space of time it now fills my screen like this. Would be really nice if it just told me once :)

i need to say i dont like it as well my screen always full with that stuff,i would like a option to turn that off or change to the old 1 if people rather that
You can patch it out now if you want

Much better, thanks for the mega quick fix!

While I'm here, the horizontal skill bar I've tried putting it in a few different positions and every time I relog it goes back to original position, any chance you could make it remember where I put it? :) Not a huge deal cos I don't relog that often haha
Configuration should save in mir.ini

Does any config save?
Not tested but if not, could try setting it to read only.
Right Click > Properties > tick "Read Only".

Further to this thread, I have no notifications at all. I believe this started on Monday the 14th. I have since shut down the game and restarted, also I have checked the tool box settings to see if any of the toggles would make a difference to no avail.

The notifications do appear in the party->notifications tab however not on the top left of screen as before. So I have no notifications for Exp, Killchain, CoolDown, Out of MP etc.

Is there something I can do to get them back?

Thanks in advance

A couple of people mentioned that they have no notifications but after updating the game the notifications returned. Are you up to date?
people mite have this due to not closeing there games down but opening a new window and the update dose not work the full and will not run into the patcher fully due to the other game being open so the best way to fix would be deleteing the mir2.exe and reruning patcher with all the game srceens closed mite be wrong but mir2.exe deleting that helped me out

and for the notifcation colours andy can we get a pink and purple :D would be nice :D