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New Maps and Old


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hey there people

i wanted to talk about all the new maps that have been added and how there all for the higher levels of players yes this is very nice for them to keep them in the game but i have a little prob with all the new maps added over the last year there all too high or to strong for myself yea i can fight in some but i was thinking about how about makeing all the maps more like the event caves so all players no matter the level of them can get into them and play on the maps without haveing to be in a big group or haveing to level all the up on the others maps before they can even try the new maps out

so the maps would just be like event maps ( without the exp or the drops ) and so on i think this will give players more fun within the game i know this would be more work for andy and warda but i just think this would be fair on all the players within the game by a mile i hate haveing a new map drop and it only for all the higher levels why cant it be for all players :)
But lower levels literally have hundreds of maps. The more you hunt in them the more exp you get, the more levels you gain and then you can hunt in new maps.

Andy recently updated a bunch of caves for lower levels. There are a lot of options. He needs to create stuff for the higher levels to keep them interested as they are the biggest spenders.

However perhaps one cave like you mentioned could be a lot of fun. It's a good idea
I don't see any value to adding this. Lower levels already have a massive amount of caves to pick from