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New Guild - Stability not updated


I have created a new guild - MirLords. Overnight the stability did not go up which means i cant level up the guild even with full Guild Points.
This guild will be open to everyone but as a new guild it is hard enough to get the points to level up and gain new members.
Could this be something be looked into for new guilds? Possibly having no move on stability for a week or something similar?

There's a resting period that stability doesn't change for new guilds, not sure how long it is, maybe 7 or 10 days or something

It was put in place to protect new guilds against immediately failing which is a real risk for people who make guilds without understanding how the system works, and gives them an opportunity to learn about it before it starts slapping them in the face

Obviously you've got an understanding already of how it works, but unfortunately it's a trade-off that we have to live with

The time will fly in, then you can make your guild great :)