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Has anyone else noticed a drop in exp since the reboot? I fully understand what has been tried to be done. You reduced resting exp but also reduced the exp required to lvl. Now unless ur maths was perfect someone is gonna lose out. Either the high lvls or the catcher uppers. From what I can gather, the high lvls can now lvl faster and the lower levels now lvl slower. My resting exp has been reduced by 1/3 (33%) but the exp required to level has reduced by 10%. This don’t add up. To top this off, mob levels seem to have been reduced meaning where I was lvling before the reboot is now obsolete to me and I can’t even gain slow exp there. I just got my head around how severe the drop in exp is once u reach 152/153 and it’s got even slower. I spend a lot of cash on exp pots so I take the time to work out exactly how much exp I make per hour and I’ve definitely noticed a big drop since this patch. I don’t mean exp gained. I mean %gained per hour. Looks like this patch deliberately attempts to increase the gap between high lvls and catcher uppers
I don't agree that it was designed to "deliberately increase the gap between high levels and catcher uppers". He has explained the reason for the change is to take resting exp back to its original purpose, rather than just being something everyone has all the time. If anything, it may have helped the catcher uppers as your exp required to level has reduced by 10% as you say, mine hasn't reduced at all. So the difficulty for you increased but it increased more for higher levels.

Attempts were made to adjust exp tables to account for that and it will never be perfect, no matter how good the maths calculations are done.

I'm also a purchaser of exp pots and a big fan of specific calculations for efficiency. But without some more specifics I can't offer any advice.

Can you tell us what mobs you were hunting that have reduced in level, it may be that some further adjustments can be made but without specific information its unlikely Andy can do anything.
Yep wasn't anything malicious. There's a number of factors at play with other buffs etc and things get a little tighter nearer the top where it's only a 50% perk difference.
I'll look into it anyway. You've done a great job getting to where you are I don't think many other people have challenged themselves so much

There were no changes to monster levels in Ice Temple? Also we added more spawns to the dungeons that you requested earlier.

Thanks for your input