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Money Making Guide


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Updates discontinued.

Guide updates discontinued due to lack of demand, and not enough hours in the day to invest :(

Listed below is an old guide that has SOME similarities to refer to.

- - - - -​

I have come across quite a few people in game that are currently struggling to get money, so me and Guliver have decided that a money making guide would be quite useful. I'll try my best to give as much information as possible.

Firstly, as many people generally say "mining is the best way to get cash", to some extent it probably is but there are other ways of getting money.

- Mining: (Mines of Moria - Page 1) This is the Mining area for lower levels. If you haven't played before, you can get a PickAxe from Serpent Valley (Page 4 of the Portal Stone) by talking to the Weapon shop NPC, the PickAxe only costs 1 Gold so you needn't worry about expenses. Once you have a PickAxe you can go into the Mines and left click on any surface e.g. Walls, Mineral Deposits, even the Shovels. Continue to hit the wall repeatedly until you find some Ore. Note: Not all areas of a surface will give you Ore, move to various different spots to get the Ores. Also, just a little advice, to tell if the surface you are mining on will give you Ore, when you begin to pick at the wall, if no rocks fall from the surface after several swings at it, then the chances are you will need to move onto a different area until that surface you were mining on has 'reset'. You can get various types of Ore, such as; BlackOre, IronOre, SilverOre, GoldOre, CopperOre. The Ore selling price will vary depending on the Purity of the Ore, the higher the Purity, the higher the selling price. Once you have the Ores, sell them to the Blacksmith in FortEvil or any other weapons vendor.
> BlackOre - Valued at 1 Gold. (as it can also be obtained through killing Zombies in DeathValley - Page 2 of the Portal Stone, BlackOre is used for Refining)
> CopperOre - Valued at around 5,000 Gold.
> IronOre - Valued at around 10,000 Gold.
> SilverOre - Valued at around 15,000 Gold.
> GoldOre - Valued at around 25,000 Gold.

- Death Valley: (Page 2 of the Portal Stone) Some people will disagree with this method, but if you want to make a fair amount of Cash as well as levelling at the same time (probably best on a Wizard) then I suggest this method to those who wish to do so. The Zombies will give a small amount of Gold, but as there are a large number of them, a Wizard can mass FireWall for example and use ThunderStorm to kill them instantly, so a Wizard is roughly earning about 100k every 10 minutes worth of levelling. Not to mention the monsters also drop stones which can be sold to the Trader under the "Quick Sell" option. The monsters will give roughly 50-150 Gold every 3-5 kills.

- Prajna Temple: (Page 3 of the Portal Stone) The monsters here are quite difficult and highly resistant to both SC and MC attacks so a Warrior and Taoist (using DC kit) will be needed here. Again, the principles are similar to the Death Valley whereby if you wish to make money and level at the same time, this area is good. The monsters here give an average of 5k-10k per kill. (Experience and Gold amounts increase as the monster difficulty increases the more floors you go down) Due to this area being considerably harder than most places I wouldn't advise this place to anyone who is simply wanting to earn money. See the Levelling guides for more details on how to kill the monsters effectively.

- Terror Temple: (Page 2 of the Portal Stone) This area is very similar to Death Valley. Again, I think Wizards will be more likely to earn money the fastest. Firstly, I would use Random Teleports to get to the 5th floor, that's where all the monsters are gathered. The map here is a small version of a Labyrinth with narrow corridors packed with monsters, (See the levelling guides for more details) so if you decide to go here I would begin by luring a large group of monsters and mass FireWalling, I think you get roughly 1-100 Gold every 3-5 monsters, however there are a lot more monsters than Death Valley (it would be best if you kept close to the walls or corners to avoid getting para spammed by the Terrors/StoneTerrors and also avoid wasting pots and duras). Repeat this method all the way through to the Maze, and by making a rough estimate, I would say you may have made an easy 100-200k, possibly more. This area is also good for levelling.

- Tongs Tomb: (Page 2 of the Portal Stone) This area offers a smaller amount of Gold in comparison to the others but offers more experience, this area is most likely suited to Wizards and Taoists as they will most likely earn money the fastest. The map has quite a large number of monsters but there are considerably less in comparison to Death Valley and Terror Temple. The monsters give around 50-150 Gold every 3-5 monsters.

- Jib Land: (Page 4 of the Portal Stone) [You must be level 60+ to access this cave] In comparison to the other places like Death Valley, Tongs Tomb and Terror Temple, the monsters here offer more Gold for every 3-5 kills. You can receive 150-300 Gold every 3-5 monsters however in this area there are less monsters. I believe that if you make your way to the room before the KR (Jib Land Hive), in here there are a reasonable amount of monsters, probably enough to get several lures from at least. The room before this area is the second Jib Land Path, in here there are 4 doors. The door leading straight ahead is the door leading to the Jib Hive. The room to the far left is a level 80 connected path which leads to a room called the DarkOma cave which at the moment has no monsters in, and the other two doors are blank.

- Hidden Lands: (Page 2 of the Portal Stone) [You can only access this area between level 54-60] I'd recommend this place to most new-comers for a main source of income as well as experience. The reason is that this area is, in my opinion, quite balanced in terms of each class being able to level here without favouring a specific class. The monsters here give around 50-150 Gold every 3-5 kills, I'm unsure as to whether the Gold or RedOmaSkele's give any money, killed a few but haven't had anything yet.


The areas listed above offer ways in which a new-comer or lower level can obtain the funds needed to buy several things such as pots or items for their level. The reason I say lower level is because these methods can't guarantee that you will become rich in a few days. Possible but more time consuming I suppose.

This area listed below is aimed at higher levels whose kit costs considerably more and therefore will probably want to make some cash a little faster.

- Mining: (Mutant Mines - Page 3) [Heroes Town access required. Level 95+] The same method applies for this area as it does for the Mines of Moria. This area is aimed at level 95+ and can be used for both levelling and mining. In here, when you pick at the walls, instead of Ores you will receive RareMinerals instead which have a much higher selling price. There are 4 types of Mineral; RareMineral(W), RareMineral(O), RareMineral(R) and RareMineral(B ). Same principles apply - the higher the Purity, the higher the selling price.
> RareMineral(W) - Valued at around 40,000 Gold.
> RareMineral(O) - Valued at around 30,000 Gold.
> RareMineral(R) - Valued at around 20,000 Gold.
> RareMineral(B ) - Valued at around 10,000 Gold.

- Sunken Temple: (Page 3 of the Portal Stone) In here, there are 4 pathways, each leading to 4 different bosses. You have Valkyrie located to the far left corridor, Hercules next to that, Forseti next to Hercules and Thor to the far right. These areas increase in difficulty starting from the far left. E.g. Valkyrie - Level 98+, Hercules - Level 100+, Forseti - Level 102+, Thor - Level 106+. Due to the new function put into place, Scorpian has removed all level restrictions from the corridors to allow any level to get to these areas. However, the difficulty is still the same and thus the recommended level is still in place as a caution. The monsters in the 4 areas have a chance to drop 'Runes'. These runes are rare but can be Quick Sold to the Trader for a nice amount of Gold. Unsure on how much they give exactly, all I know is they sell for a high price.


I haven't had the chance to try all the areas out so if you feel there are any places missing off here that you think could be a good source of income, feel free to add. Or if any of the information above is wrong, leave a post displaying the correct information if possible.

But as always, you can relate to the traditional method of hunting bosses and selling the items they may drop to other players via the Trader.

Now lets see if we can get some rich folk in game I can leech off! :aetsch:
Just kidding, hope this helps in some way. Look forward to some useful feedback. :approved:
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Ahh right, so Valk is 98+, Herc must be 100+ and Forseti must be 103+. Cheers Gib. :biggrin:
hiya i am just letting u all know somthing else i found out that will help in this thread

Stone Tomb (New) 110+ area open to all offers 1-2k amount and abt 10/500 one mob will give 50-100k of Gold. 1-2k for every 1- 3 amount of kills, there are 7 different types of monsters here, such as
Greater Mummy
I have found that the Redboarand SnakeScorpiongives the most amount of Gold because it is the strongest"

anyway thats all for now if i find any errors or changes i need to add or correct to this post i will edit it later when am at home as am at school atm lol
The mining section of the money guide is a little outdated and since the system has been changed, the Ores found in Mutant Mines and Mines of Moria no longer sell for the prices stated above, the selling price is now 1/10 of the price listed above however the rate at which ore is obtained has been increased significantly.

I've not tested the new system fully yet so I'm unsure of the selling prices from the trinkets that can be made from the Ores.
The new system (implemented only in Mines of Moria) now allows people to gain fast-cash through crafting trinkets from the ores received from Mines of Moria. Fill your bags with ore and speak to the NPC at the entrance of the mines to remove all of the specific types of ore from your bag and use them to craft a trinket which has a higher selling price when sold to the Trader (Quick Sell).
As I say, I don't know a great deal yet (I've not been in game much so that doesn't help) so I hope others can help fill-in the new comers.