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Missing GG


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I quit the server and sold everything and put the gg on my store account I return to find it missing just wondering if someone has logged on and taken it are you able to check where the account has been accessed from "power"
lmfao scorp not even bothered to dignify this with a response no wonder your server is dying mate your not listening to your community or even bothering to help em
Hi, sorry you didn't get a response originally, usually things like this are dealt with privately via email.

After a quick search of 5 years of logs I see no record of GG on the character "power". Maybe you put it somewhere else.

If you can offer some dates and maybe the name of the character you moved the GG from then we may be able to find it
I used to transfer gg between my store and main, my main being this account and my store chars DevsSalesBiatch ik i had gg on either account but ik i had 23rd of august i had 400gg on it however i still had things in tm which i came back to collect later so i had more just wondering if i traded it to someone and forgot
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