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Re: Items & Spells List + Drop Locations

Just added items and spells up to level 126 to the list. I'm not going any higher though so don't ask. Think u'll agree any higher and you're being spoon fed way too much...

Plan to add a guide to the farmers quests on there as well but not tonight, stayed up until 3 AM to finish adding stuff to the list. Will probs start tomorrow if I get round to it. Saw some info on a wiki page about it so that's a good start. Also thanks to those who submitted some item info through that form

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Also @Warda and Scorpian

can you update my original post please and add this just underneath the first link.


- Item Drop Locations
- Spell Drop Locations
- How to make money
- Where to tame pets for wizard
- Arcamon hunting list
- Farmers quest guide
- and more...

thank you

just makes it easier if you are using the forum search button the keywords will come up in case someone forgot their glasses and didn't look at the top of the page
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Re: Items & Spells List + Drop Locations

Done. Let me know if you need anything else changing. Also, I took the liberty of updating the title of the thread as well as it's no longer just an item guide it seems.

Keep up the good work!
Re: Items & Spells, Taming, Making Money and more!

Thanks Warda looks good.

I've just finished adding the farmer's quest guide on there if anyone gets stuck on that there's some pointers. Not much advice to give really on most but have a look and tell me if I missed anything off. Don't know where the mirstone is so if anyone wants to add that to the quest guide feel free
Re: Items & Spells, Taming, Making Money and more!

Update 27/09/2020

- Added: Town Services - a guide to which services each town offers, such as repairs, special repairs, selling/buying, where potions are, special stuff etc. etc.

Working on something else next, still WIP so will post when it's finished - should be really useful (hopefully).
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I was looking at the Pet Food section within the Making Money Tab and I noticed that it is incorrect. Or the data is incorrect.

You have all the Medium food inside the Insect Cave. Now if I am mistaken its just Small and not Medium in there. I know this as i was in there hunting for Medium pet food and only found small.

Would it be possible, and i am asking, if there was a section just about which areas drops set pet food?

What I mean is,

WoomaWoods XS
Insect Cave S

And so on. Just the areas not the creatures which drop them.

Just a suggestion
Thanks for that I'll update it. Yeah I don't see why not, I can add it to the arcamon section.
Re: [Game Guide] Items & Spells, Taming, Making Money and more!

'Sister's Burial Grounds' can also be done easily using thrusting or firethrust on a warrior.

- - - Updated - - -

'Bone Collector' quest: Jibuma Warrior is in a cave system which doesn't show doors on the minimap currently.

F1 - F2 = 9:14
F2 - F3 = 234:66
F3 - F4 = 237:206

I don't know if the spawn of the boss is still random, otherwise I found him bottom/middle of map.

He also drops the 'smithsoldhammer' needed for Tools of the Trade quest. Also, that quest states to go to floor F5, which doesn't exist I think?

'The Horadric Staff' you can buy any horadric staff off an npc or auction house to complete the quest.

- - - Updated - - -

'Warlord of Blood' spawned at 320:235 after I killed every single annoying skeleton. As a warrior you will want to leave thrusting on or use something else ranged for all the axe skeletons.

- - - Updated - - -

'Stray Animals' needs to be updated as there is no 'Fort Evil' any more. Where do the stray animals spawn now?
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Re-stickied so it doesn't go walkies and updated the title + description. (Please message me if you want this changing back)